Putting down roots

Bohemian Hills began as an experiment in connected living. Mid-career professionals, we left our conventional lives behind in search of a more fulfilling connection with the natural world. We are building a life and a livelihood on the six-acre farmstead of a long-fallow dairy farm, reclaiming it from the wild one pasture at a time. We farm the old-fashioned way, with lots of sunshine, fresh air, hope, and an abiding love for the animals and land that sustain us.

Life on the farm

The bohemians

The food we share with you is the same food that we put on our own table. It is grown with care and respect. We hope it nourishes your family as richly as it does ours.

Bohemian Hills is our life and livelihood. Our land is home to the farm, our family homestead and a creative services business. All our work — whether in the field, in the farmhouse, or in the office — is about cultivating meaningful connection.